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Business Plan Consulting

Wondering how to create a business plan to present to investors?

Let's schedule a meeting & figure it out together!

Assisting In Accelerating Your Venture 1-on-1

Schedule mentor hours with our experts. Get qualified guidance on a wide range of business concerns.

Select Meeting Agenda

Let us discuss the most pressing business concern you have

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Choose a convenient date & time available on our experts' calendars


An hour-long mentor hour live on zoom as per the scheduled date & time


Relevant takeaways in the form of tools, templates, references, follow-ups, etc

Schedule Mentor Hours With Us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members from the startup can attend the mentoring session?

We recommend only the founding teaming and the relevant key management people to only attend the mentor hours for a structured and productive discussion. 

Do I get a refund if I have to cancel the mentor hours after scheduling it beforehand?

If the scheduled mentor hour is cancelled 24 hours before the meeting, you will receive a full refund within 7 working days. To cancel a scheduled mentor hour or re-schedule to a later date, mail us at

If need be, can we schedule follow-up mentor sessions with the same mentor for the same topic?

Yes, absolutely! The process for scheduling a follow-up mentor hour remains the same. You will just have to mark "follow-up session" on the appointment scheduling page.

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