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Venture Capital

Boot Camp

A 4-day immersive experience designed to upskill and prepare early-stage entrepreneurs to raise a round of capital.

Upcoming Batch:

Weekend Batch :

May 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd

Duration: 4 Days

Format: Virtual

About This Program

Raising the first round of capital is a critical milestone for all early-stage startups. There are several steps in the fundraising process, such as creating a business plan, identifying investors, pitching, negotiating valuation, finalizing term sheet, due diligence, and so on. Entrepreneurs must understand the technicalities of the fundraising process to develop a strong strategy. 

We have designed this 4-day boot camp to assist entrepreneurs in actualizing key milestones in the fundraising process. Through interactive live workshops, masterclasses, discussions, and case studies, entrepreneurs will navigate the complexities of fundraising and walk away with a concrete plan for closing their first funding round.

About this Program

The Boot Camp Agenda

Day #01

Crafting a Business Plan
  • Learn how investors evaluate startups

  • Create a business plan and prepare a compelling narrative

  • Know how to pitch your business lucratively

Day #02

Building a Financial Model
  • Learn basics of entrepreneurial finance

  • Create a 3-statement model from assumptions, historicals, & market data

  • Arrive at the funding ask and fund utilization summary

Day #03

Understanding Valuations
  • Learn pre & post-money cap tables

  • Find the valuation of your company using the transaction comps method

  • Know how dilution works and how shares are issued to investors

Day #04

Legal & Compliance
  • Learn about the different terms and rights in a term sheet and SHA

  • Know how to tackle due diligence

  • Processes involved in deal closure and post funding compliance

The Boot Camp Experience!

Not a Webinar...
Limited number of participants to ensure maximum engagement
Develop Deep Insights...
Taught by investment bankers with real fundraising experience
Learn in the Indian Context...
Learn with case studies of Indian early-stage startups
Get Acess to Tools & Templates...
Our fundraising toolkit will make investor preparation simpler 
Tangible Fundraising Strategy...
Prepare your business plan, identify investors, & more
Join the Tribe...
Our community of 2,500+ founders, 50+ incubators, 30+ VCs 

Join the Boot Camp

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Meet the Faculty

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  • LinkedIn

Vikrant Potnis

Vikrant is a seasoned venture capital and investment banking professional with 10+ years of experience in startup funding. His venture – Fortemagna Advisors has been awarded the top 10 startup funding advisory platforms in the country by Silicon India. Fortemagna to date has closed funding deals of more than INR 200 Cr.


Vikrant is the founder of the Indian Academy of Venture Capital (IAVC). IAVC has trained more than 1,000 founders across 10 cities in India and is the only curriculum-focused VC training institute in India. His tech venture – FundEnable is an automated platform for founders to raise a round of funding on their own. The platform currently caters to more than 3,500 founders. FundEnable has raised money from multiple angel and institutional investors.

Earlier, Vikrant has worked with organizations such as Springboard Ventures and JP Morgan. He is a visiting faculty & mentor for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at CIIE IIM Ahmedabad, XSEED XLRI, SPJIMR, The Bombay Stock Exchange Training Institute, ICT, V.J.T.I, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), PDEU, etc. He is a speaker on CNBC and talks about startup funding and valuations.


Apply Now!

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Venture Capital Boot Camp


4 Days




10+ hours

Batch Starts

May 14, 2022

Early Bird Offer

INR 7,500/- + GST

Are you a startup incubator manager?
The Venture Capital Bootcamp helps you evaluate startups for seed investments!

Registration, Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • We have limited batch sizes and encourage participants to enroll early. We recommend that you apply 2 weeks before the program commencement date.

  • The fees include all training sessions, training material, 1-year access to FundEnable.  

  • Payment of full fees is required before the program commencement date. 

  • Cancellations, refunds, or deferrals will be only allowed if requested before 10 days of the program commencement date.

  • To seek a fee discount on group participation, contact our program management team. 

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