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Flagship 2 day

Venture Capital Immersion Program

Assisting Entrepreneurs in Building a Strong Fundraising Strategy

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About This Program

We are sure you have a great business idea, an innovative product, a huge market opportunity and passion fueling your determination to grow your business. But it all boils down to the access and availability of the crux of any business - "CAPITAL". To Make Money, You Need Money and Raising Capital from Angels, Venture Capitalists is an Art as well as a Science that needs to be Mastered!

Millions of Ideas, Thousands of Entrepreneurs...What is it that truly Makes a Business Fund-able? It is "The Know-Hows of Startup Fundraising". 

Indian Academy of Venture Capital brings to you a 2-Day Intensive Certificate Program on the ABCs of Venture Capital that gives a complete understanding of the capital raising process and what needs to be done to raise capital.


This unique hands on Program is designed by:

  • Investors who have invested in Early Stage Companies and Startups

  • Entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital for their business

  • Investment bankers who have successfully run the capital raising process for various companies


Key Discussion Points

Introduction to the Venture Capital landscape in India

Investment Trends

Financial Pathways

Evaluating Opportunity

Understanding Valuations & Deal Structuring

Valuation Techniques

Case Studies on Valuations

How a Deal is Structured

Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Raising VC Money

Navigating a Term Sheet


Due Diligence Process

Business Plan & Finance Modelling For Startups

Investor Ready Documents

The Right Business Plan

Finance for Entrepreneurs

Detailed Agenda

Day 02 | 10:00 to 11:30

  • Understanding Term Sheet

  • What is a Term Sheet

  • Various clauses of Termsheet (Shareholding, Preemption rights, Anti-dilution right, exit clause, liquidation clause, ROFR/ ROFO, Co-sale and Tag Along Right, Reserved Matters, Founders Lock-In, CPs, Exclusivity etc.)

Day 02 | 11:45 to 13:15

  • Preparing for Due-Diligence Process

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • Exit and Case Studies on Exit

Day 02 | 14:00 to 15:30

  • Preparing a Business Plan

  • Financial Road Map for Fund Requirement and Projections

Day 02 | 15:45 to 17:00

  • Understanding support avenues for startups

  • Incubators & Accelerators

Day 01 | 10:00 to 11:30

  • Introduction and Overview about the Program

  • What Attracts Venture Capital?

  • Current Investment Trends

  • Options for Capital Raising for early stage businesses – Angel, VC, Venture Debt, Crowd Funding, etc

Day 01 | 11:45 to 13:15

  • Process of Capital Raising

  • How big is the opportunity? Market Size and Addressable Market

  • Understanding Valuation

Day 01 | 14:00 to 15:30

  • Valuation Case Studies and Methods

  • Deal Structuring

Day 01 | 15:45 to 17:00

  • Finding the right investor

  • Alignment of business goals

  • Priorities for Entrepreneurs during capital raising process

  • Challenges in raising capital for early stage ventures

Key Outcomes

Understanding the fundamentals of the capital raising process​

Capital raising options for businesses

What kind of businesses are getting funded

Understanding addressable market

Regulatory aspect of venture capital

How to value your business & and how a deal is actually structured

Going through a sample Term Sheet and understanding key terms

Thorough understanding of venture capital landscape

Who Will Benefit

Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs



Investors & 


CEOs & Managers of Incubation Centers

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